City Cleaning Machines


Hako Citymaster 650

Footpath & Outdoor Sweeper


Hako Citymaster 1650

Outdoor Footpath and Street Sweeper


Hako Citymaster 1250 Plus Outdoor Footpath and Street Sweeper


Hako Citymaster 2200 Euro 6 Footpath & Street Sweeper

Hako Citymaster 1250

Citycleaner Outdoor Scrubber Sweeper

Aureguy Industrials Ltd (AIL) was established in 1988, Hako is one of the market leaders in Industrial and Commercial sweepers with over 800 customers NZ wide.


We offer the largest range of German Industrial sweepers, scrubbers and city cleaning machines including brands Hako, Powerboss and Minuteman.

Our customers enjoy excellent service and support in parts and servicing. 

Reach us at 8D Saturn Place, Rosedale 0632, Auckland or email or call us at 09 418 3761.

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