Citymaster 650

Multifunctional outdoor cleaning machine in the 2-t class

The new Citymaster 650 offers extremely high levels of flexibility and comfort


The basic version of the Citymaster 650, designed as a compact implement carrier, already sets new standards in the 2-t class: for example with articulated steering, permanent all-wheel drive with a fully electronic control system and extensive features providing increased comfort and safety at work. Thanks to its multi-functional design, the Citymaster 650 can be retooled quickly and easily, for example as a professional sweeper for winter service tasks, which makes this machine extremely versatile in use.

  • Small vehicle width and directionally stable steering with articulated joint
  • Energy-saving drive control and three performance levels for reduced consumption values
  • Efficient hydraulic attachment drive
  • Ergonomic workplace
  • Full LED lighting system plus LED work lights

The professional machine for urban areas

  • More freedom
    Compact, highly maneuverable, economical: for optimal results – even on footpaths and in confined areas.
  • More flexibility
    365 working days a year: through multifunctionality and a wide range of attachments and superstructures for any kind of seasonal challenge.
  • More comfort
    Made for the operator: spacious and ergonomic workplace, easy-to-learn operating concept and a back-friendly quick-change system.

Multipurpose use through multifunctionality

The Citymaster 650 is a versatile implement carrier and professional sweeper all in one. Thanks to four attachment interfaces allowing the combined use of different attachments and superstructures, the machine can carry out a wide range of additional tasks: for example winter service, green area maintenance or wet cleaning tasks. You only need one machine instead of several special vehicles – which is both more efficient and economical.

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


Freedom through flexibility
Urban furniture, flower beds and narrow passages are obstacles we often see in public areas. With its small turning circle of only 139 cm and independently controlled sweeping units, the Citymaster 650 overcomes these obstacles easily. Even kerbs as high as 150 mm are no problem at all for this machine thanks to its permanent all-wheel drive with fully electronic control system.


A whole range of application options
Sweeping the pedestrian zone in town followed by mowing grass in the park: With its top speed of 25 km/h, the Citymaster 650 is fast enough to travel to the next nearby job site on its own axles – and compact enough to be transported on a trailer in order to cover larger distances.


More comfort at the workplace
A spacious, ergonomic workplace facilitates long working days. In this respect, the Citymaster 650 sets a best-practice example: with extended and individually adjustable seat options as well as a comfort steering column adjustable in height and length. And to ensure that work runs smoothly for the machine operator, a powerful heating system with optional air conditioning ensures pleasant temperatures in the cabin.

Citymaster 650 at a glance

Citymaster 650
Engine (type, emission, standard, exhaust gas treatment)  Diesel 25,5 kW, 2016/1628/EG Stage V
Type approval / driving license  Class B
Drive  Hydrostat, 4×4, 25 km/h
Chassis and steering  Hydraulically steered, articulated 4-wheel chassis: steering angle 53°, attachment quick- change system
Tyres  23 x 8.50 – 12 standard tyres // 270/50 -12 comfort tyres // 23 x 10.50 – 12 lawn tyres
Breaking System  Hydrostatic brake acting on all four wheels, service brake at the rear, Mechanical parking brake Hacting on the rear wheels
Cabin  ROPS – tested 1 person safety comfort cabin, Frame doors with sliding windows, Hot- water heating/ air conditioning (option)
Unladen weights  1,430 kg (implement carrier), 1,780 kg (sweeper)
Permissible weights  2,200 kg/ 1,200 kg / 1,500 kg (GVW/VA/HA)
Dimensions (L x B x H)  3,126 x 1,090 x 1,969 mm