Powerboss Nautilus HD

Scrubber Sweeper


PowerBoss Nautilus is positively extreme in every aspect. With its extraordinarily high levels of power and maneuverability as well as its robust design, this combi machine provides maximum output for use in extra-large areas with a superior cleaning performance of up to 15,200 m²/h. And its large capacity allows particularly long operating times: 120 minutes at the standard water-flow level and 70 minutes at the high water-flow level.

Combi machine for large and extra-large areas :

  • Practical 1-button operating system
  • Powerful hydraulic engines
  • High-performance suction turbine
    Easy access for service and maintenance purposes
  • Robust stainless steel components

Professional cleaning results on a large scale

The combi machine PowerBoss Nautilius achieves professional cleaning results in large areas. Its superior capacity, robust design, and clever features make this scrubber-sweeper ideal for a wide range of applications. For example:

  • Food processing industry
  • Logistic centres
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Heavy industry
  • Bottling plants
  • Aircraft hangars

Robust design – powerful dirt removal

This combi machine has many stainless steel components as a standard:

  • Cylindrical brush unit including lateral maintenance doors and door hinges
  • Lateral and rear squeegee frame including squeegee fittings
  • Dirt hopper

Powerful against stubborn dirt

Two powerful hydraulic motors drive the two 114-cm cylindrical brushes of the PowerBoss Nautilus at 425 rpm. Even the most stubborn dirt doesn’t stand a chance against the machine’s brush pressure, which can be adjusted from 91 to 181 kg. The high-performance suction turbine provides completely dry floors immediately after cleaning to prevent the risk of slipping and allow forklift or foot traffic to travel safely behind the machine.

Robust design – powerful dirt removal

PowerBoss Nautilus is made of robust stainless steel components, which not only protects the machine against damage but also significantly reduces maintenance costs. The combination of a high suction-turbine speed, anti-skid traction tires and an integrated Power System using powerful hydraulic motors make this scrubber-sweeper extremely efficient.

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


1-button operating system: All functions can be started and stopped at the push of a button.


For extra-large tasks: PowerBoss Nautilus provides a cleaning performance of up to 15,200m²/h at maximum efficiency.


Working in confined areas: PowerBoss Nautilus has a small turning circle. This machine can make a complete U-turn in aisles as narrow as 274 cm, allowing the operator to keep an eye on the surrounding traffic at all times.


All clean: The large draining hose ensures fast draining of the recovered water. Two large openings at the top of the tank as well as a 20-cm inspection opening provide easy access to the recovery tank.


Easy disposal: The squeegee tilts up and out of the way so that the dirt hopper can easily be removed from the machine. Roll casters ensure that the hopper can be moved effortlessly and the debris can be disposed of safely and easily using the two debris trays.


Quick visual checks: The squeegee tilts up to allow quick visual checks and easy changing of the sealing strips.


Easy changing of brushes: Thanks to the quick-change system, changing the cylindrical brushes is particularly easy, with no tools needed.


Working close to edges:The optional side scrub unit allows cleaning right up to walls.

Powerboss Nautilus HD at a glance

PowerBoss PB Nautilus LPG PB Nautilus D
Working width scrubbing cm 114 114
Theoretical area performance m²/h 11400 – 15200 11400 – 15200
Working speed km/h 10 10
Brush system cylindr. cylindr.
Solution tank capacity l 397 / 341 (HD) 397 / 341 (HD)
Recovery tank capacity l 397 / 341 (HD) 397 / 341 (HD)
Nominal voltage V
Total output kW 41 26
Battery capacity, max. Ah
Length with squeegee cm 241 241
Width with/without squeegee cm 142 142
Height above the seat (operating handle) cm 166/212 166/212
Weight, filled, incl. Battery kg 2177 2177