Scrubmaster B120 R

Ride-on scrubber-drier for larger areas

70, 75, 85 or 90 cm working width | Cleaning performance: up to 5,800 m²/h | Highly economical and efficient


Highly productive, manoeuvrable and ergonomic: The Scrubmaster B120 R combines high area performance with extreme manoeuvrability, which makes this scrubber-drier the perfect choice when it comes to cleaning shopping centres, production halls and highly-frequented buildings such as train stations or airports. A tank capacity of 120 litres as well as the machine’s cleaning performance of 5,800 m²/h, four different working widths available and long machine runtimes ensure fast and efficient cleaning of larger areas.

  • Extremely manoeuvrable: Thanks to the 90-degree steering angle and a turning circle of only 179 cm
  • Ergonomic workplace equipped with many practical features
  • Can easily be adapted to meet individual cleaning requirements
  • Compact design – can be used in narrow aisles and hallways
  • Illuminated display: provides easy and intuitive operation

Highly flexible

This ride-on scrubber-drier is extremely flexible in every-day use. When equipped with two cylindrical brushes, it enables sweeping and scrubbing in a single working step. The Scrubmaster B120 R can be equipped with either disc- or cylindrical brushes to meet individual cleaning requirements. Changing from disc- to cylindrical brushes and vice versa is particularly easy thanks to the upward-opening side strippers.

Intuitive and easy to use

All the cleaning functions of the Scrubmaster B120 R are visible at a glance on the illuminated display, which is intuitive and easy to use.

  • 1-button operating system: starts all cleaning functions at the push of a button
  • Boost button: activates both maximum water supply and brush pressure
  • Slow mode: reduces the speed to 3.5 km/h
  • Warning signal: warns the operator when the filling level in the solution tank sinks below 10 litres

Extremely manoeuvrable

Highly flexible in every-day use: The Scrubmaster B120 R provides easy cleaning of corners, narrow aisles and hallways. Thanks to its particular benefits – the 90-degree steering angle and a turning circle of only 179 cm – this machine can make a complete U-turn in the smallest of areas.

Innovations provide reduced operating costs and increased economic efficiency

Hako’s technological lead contributes to reducing operating costs, increasing economic efficiency and cleaning in a more eco-friendly manner.

  • Hako-Chemical on Demand – need-based use of chemicals: Cleaning chemicals are added only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Hako-AquaControl: saves up to 50 % of water, thanks to intelligent brush systems and our automatic water-stop function when the machine stands still. 
  • Hako-LowNoise: ensures that noise does not become a nuisance. Particularly low-noise working that causes no disturbance at all.  

Ergonomic workplace

This scrubber-drier provides a perfect workplace for operators. The design of the Scrubmaster B120 R focusses on superior ergonomics – right down to the last detail. The machine is equipped with a wide range of practical features that ensure more efficient working. The comfortable seat allows a pleasant and back-friendly sitting posture. All operating elements are clearly arranged and within easy reach of the driver. Daily routine work is no problem at all thanks to easy-to-access and clearly marked components. From energy supply to tank cleaning: Any routine work can be carried out quickly and with very little effort.

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


Illuminated, intuitive display: with 1-button operating system, boost button for maximum water supply and brush pressure, and slow mode activated at the push of a button.


Safe working in highly-frequented environments: warning systems and work lights (optional).


Can be used in narrow aisles and hallways thanks to its particularly compact design. 90-degree steering angle, turning circle of only 179 cm.


Excellent comfort: The Scrubmaster B120 R has been awarded the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) quality label for its ergonomic overall machine concept.


Durable: robust bumpers at the front and rear.


Working close to edges thanks to the brush deck protruding to the right.


Uncomplicated charging at any conventional power outlet – thanks to the on-board charger.


Adding the optimal amount of cleaning detergents in relation to the amount of water supplied in the cleaning process. The on-board dosing system is fully integrated into the machine design.


Brush and pad wear indicator: easy to read. And the comfortable discharge mechanism enables fast and easy changing of the brushes, no tools needed.


Tank cleaning made easy: No dirt deposits thanks to the smooth inner surfaces of the tank. Clearly marked: All components requiring regular checks and maintenance are marked yellow.

Scrubmaster B120 R at a glance

Scrubmaster B120 R TB750 B120 R WB700 B120 R TB900 B120 R WB850
Working width scrubbing cm 75 70 90 85
Theoretical area performance m²/h 4800 4500 5800 5500
Working speed km/h 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5
Brush system disc cylindr. disc cylindr.
Solution tank capacity l 120 120 120 120
Recovery tank capacity l 120 120 120 120
Nominal voltage V 24 24 24 24
Total output kW 3.13 2.96 3.13 2.96
Battery capacity, max. Ah 320 320 320 320
Length with squeegee cm 167 167 167 167
Width with/without squeegee cm 81/96 81/96 95/112 95/112
Height above the seat (operating handle) cm 148 148 148 148
Weight, filled, incl. Battery kg 723 707 738 709