Scrubmaster B175 R

Ride-on scrubber-drier for efficient cleaning, also on inclines

85, 90 or 108 cm working width | Cleaning performance: up to 7,560 m²/h | Cleaning on inclines of up to 15 %


Particularly efficient, highly manoeuvrable, and designed to work on inclines: the Scrubmaster B175 R. With three different working widths available and equipped with either disc- or cylindrical brushes providing a cleaning performance of up to 7,560 m²/h, this ride-on scrubber-drier masters almost any cleaning tasks – even when working uphill: The Scrubmaster B175 R can manage inclines of up to 15 % in cleaning mode, which makes this scrubber-drier your number-one choice when it comes to cleaning multi-storey car parks as well as other large areas such as airports and industrial production halls or shopping centres and logistics facilities.

  • Extremely manoeuvrable: thanks to a 90-degree steering angle
  • Can easily be adapted to meet individual cleaning requirements
  • Ergonomic workplace equipped with many practical features
  • Illuminated display: provides easy and intuitive use

Ergonomic and clearly structured

This ride-on scrubber-drier enables operators to carry out all cleaning tasks with ease. The design of the Scrubmaster B175 R is consistently ergonomic – and has been developed with much attention to detail. The comfortable workplace allows pleasant working and a back-friendly sitting posture. All operating elements are in clear view and within easy reach of the driver. Daily routine work is no problem at all thanks to easy-to-access and clearly marked components. From energy supply to tank cleaning: Any routine work can be carried out quickly and with very little effort.

No time-consuming pre-cleaning necessary

The pre-sweep unit (optional) collects any loose dirt prior to wet-cleaning the floor.

Intuitive and easy to use: The display

All cleaning functions of the Scrubmaster B175 R are visible at a glance on the illuminated 4.3-inch display, which is intuitive and easy to use – via one-touch keys or a turn-push regulator.

  • 1-button operating system: starts all cleaning functions at the push of a button
  • Slow mode: reduces the speed to 3.5 km/h
  • Boost button: activates both maximum water supply and brush pressure
  • Info displays: e.g. for the battery charging level or the filling level of the solution and recovery tank. 

Innovations provide reduced operating costs and increased economic efficiency

Hako’s technological lead contributes to reducing the operating costs of the Scrubmaster B175 R as well as increasing economic efficiency and cleaning in a more eco-friendly manner.

  • Hako-Chemical on Demand – need-based use of chemicals: Cleaning chemicals are added only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Hako-AquaControl: saves up to 50 % of water, thanks to intelligent brush systems and our automatic water-stop function when the machine stands still. 
  • Hako-AntiBac®: Hygiene-sensitive areas place the highest demands on floor cleaning solutions. Hako meets these demands with the antibacterial tank coating Hako-AntiBac®.

Working on inclines of up to 15 % in cleaning mode

The Scrubmaster B175 R efficiently carries out cleaning tasks even in difficult conditions. This ride-on scrubber-drier is so powerful that it provides cleaning on inclines of up to 15 %, for instance on access ramps in multi-storey car parks.

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


Everything under control: with Hako’s practical 1-button operating system. Slow-mode allows reducing the speed to 3.5 km/h at the push of a button to provide even more efficient cleaning. The boost button activates maximum water supply and brush pressure.


Illuminated and intuitive display: Indicates the battery charging level and the filling level of the solution and recovery tank.


Comfortable working: The ergonomic driver’s seat (optional) allows a pleasant and back-friendly sitting posture.


Excellent comfort: The Scrubmaster B175 R has been awarded the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) quality label for its ergonomic overall machine concept.


Charge your mobile phone at any time: USB charging socket for mobile phones included as a standard.


Perfect overview: The driver’s seat is in the middle to allow the operator a perfect overview of the working area.


Let there be light: The work light (optional) illuminates the area you want to clean.


Daily maintenance and machine-cleaning made easy: The squeegee folds up manually.


Easy-to-clean recovery tank: The recovery tank has a large opening to provide easy access. Particularly practical in combination with the spray nozzle (optional).


Adding the optimal amount of cleaning detergents in relation to the amount of water supplied in the cleaning process. The on-board dosing system is fully integrated into the machine design.


Quick and comfortable changing of the brushes: Thanks to the automatic discharge and pick-up system.

Scrubmaster B175 R at a glance

Scrubmaster B175 R TB900/1080 B175 R TB900 X-AC B175 R WB850
Working width scrubbing cm 90/108 90 85
Theoretical area performance m²/h 6300/7560 6300 5950
Working speed km/h 7 7 7
Brush system disc disc cylindr.
Solution tank capacity l 175 175 175
Recovery tank capacity l 175 175 175
Nominal voltage V 36 36 36
Total output kW 7.47 7.47 7.47
Battery capacity, max. Ah 320 320 320
Length with squeegee cm 189 189 189
Width with/without squeegee cm 94/113|112/129 94|112 94/113
Height above the seat (operating handle) cm 145/208 145/208 145/208
Weight, filled, incl. Battery kg 1010/1015 1040 1000