Scrubmaster B260 R

Ride-on scrubber-drier for large areas

108 or 123 cm working width | Cleaning performance: up to 8,600 m²/h | Masters inclines of up to 15 % in cleaning mode


Ideally suited for cleaning shopping centres, logistics halls, or production facilities in the automotive industry: Available with working widths of 108 and 123 cm and equipped with either 2 or 3 disc brushes or a cylindrical brush unit as well as a 260-litre tank, the Scrubmaster B260 R is your perfect choice when long operating times on large areas are required. Your superior benefits: Powered by a 480 Ah battery, this machine provides a cleaning performance of up to 8,600 m2/h and is equipped with a 20-litre capacity on-board dosing system for cleaning chemicals. Different attachments are available to flexibly extend the Scrubmaster B260 R’s range of applications beyond mere scrubbing & drying. Excellent performance combined with high levels of efficiency: Thanks to the ergonomic machine concept, which has been awarded the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) quality label for back-friendly working.

  • For every cleaning requirement: four different brush units available 
  • For long operating times: 480-Ah battery and a large 260-litre tank
  • Ergonomic workplace equipped with many practical features
  • For various applications: expandable with a wide range of attachments for different cleaning requirements

One machine, versatile application options

Every job site holds its very own challenges in terms of professional floor cleaning. Whether it is high levels of pedestrian traffic, particularly complex areas, cleaning during running operations or coping with various different production residues – the Scrubmaster B260 R masters each challenge perfectly. This machine can be equipped with four different brush units that meet every cleaning requirement. And the wide range of attachments available allows extending the machine’s functional features to provide even more application options. For example with the pre-sweep/ vacuum unit which sweeps up loose dirt prior to wet-cleaning the floor, making laborious pre-cleaning unnecessary – and without raising ambient dust: thanks to Dust Stop, our innovative disc brush jacket providing dust-free sweeping & vacuuming.

Innovative features for reduced operating costs and increased economic efficiency

Hako’s technological lead plays its part in reducing the operating costs of the Scrubmaster B260 R, increasing the machine’s economic efficiency, and ensuring more environmentally friendly cleaning.

  • Hako-Chemical on Demand – need-based use of chemicals: Cleaning detergents are added only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Hako-AquaControl: saves up to 50 % water thanks to intelligent brush systems and our automatic water stop system. 
  • Hako-AntiBac®: Hako meets the requirements of hygiene-sensitive areas with the antibacterial tank coating Hako-AntiBac®

Efficient working on all levels

Whether used for standard or heavy-duty applications: The ride-on scrubber-drier Scrubmaster B260 R provides efficient and reliable floor cleaning, and even masters inclines of up to 15% in cleaning mode – without compromising on the cleaning result. Its sophisticated safety concept is yet another convincing aspect: Equipped with an optional overhead guard, side bumpers and a BlueSpot head lamp, the machine meets all occupational safety requirements – which makes this scrubber-drier ideal for use in the logistics and other large-scale industries.

Working on inclines of up to 15 % in cleaning mode

The Scrubmaster B260 R efficiently carries out cleaning tasks even in difficult conditions. This ride-on scrubber-drier is so powerful that it provides cleaning on inclines of up to 15 %, for instance on access ramps in multi-storey car parks.

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


Everything under control: with our practical 1-button operating system. Activating the slow mode reduces the speed to 3.5 km/h at the push of a button to ensure even more thorough cleaning. The Boost button activates both maximum water supply and brush pressure.


Everything at a glance: All relevant information is indicated on the large 4.3-inch colour display. Even adjusting the dosing of cleaning chemicals is very easy and comfortable.


Comfortable workplace: The ergonomic seat, which can be accessed from both sides of the machine, ensures a back-friendly sitting posture.


Superior comfort: The Scrubmaster B260 R has been awarded the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) quality label for its overall ergonomic machine concept.


Always reachable: Thanks to the USB socket for mobile phones (standard equipment).


Practical feature: The squeegee folds up manually to facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance.


Rapid brush changing: The automatic discharge and pick-up system provides rapid and comfortable changing of the brushes.


Additional safety: Equipping the machine with the optional overhead guard protects the driver against falling objects at any time, which is particularly important for applications in the logistics industry.


Increased safety in aisles: The BlueSpot head lamp signals an oncoming vehicle.


Superior cleaning results in a single working step: The optional, easy-to- install pre-sweep/vacuum unit removes loose dirt prior to wet-cleaning the floor.


Dust-free cleaning: The optional pre-sweep/vacuum unit can be equipped with Dust Stop – our disc brush jacket providing dust-free sweeping & vacuuming.


Service via code scanning: The QR code below the steering wheel allows access to all relevant machine data and other details – even transmitting service requests directly there and then.

Scrubmaster B260 R at a glance

Scrubmaster TB 10802-TB TB 10803-TB TB 1230 TB 1230
Working width scrubbing cm 108 108 123 108
Theoretical area performance m²/h 7560 7560 8610 7560
Working speed km/h 7 7 7 7
Brush system 2 pcs/ disc 3 pcs/ disc 3 pcs/ disc. 2 pcs/ disc.
Solution tank capacity litres 260 260 260 260
Recovery tank capacity litres 260 260 260 260
Nominal voltage Volt 36 36 36 36
Total output kW 5.6 6.6 6.6 6.5
Battery capacity, max. Ah 420-480 420-480 420-480 420-480
Length with squeegee cm 202 202 202 202
Width with/without squeegee cm 115/129 115/129 129/129 121/129
Height above the seat (operating handle) cm 149/ 209 149/ 209 149/ 209 149/ 209
Weight, filled, incl. Battery kg 1350 1365 1375 1385