Scrubmaster B400 RM


Complete U-turns in aisles as small as 230 cm | The quick-connect system allows uncomplicated upgrading with pre-sweep tools or special equipment

With its high area performance and small turning circle, the compact scrubber-drier Scrubmaster B400 R reliably provides clean floors.

  • 3-disc-brush units with working widths of 123 cm or 155 cm
  • X-AC front and rear drive (optional) for improved traction and a powerful performance on both level surfaces and inclines of up to 15% in cleaning mode
  • Low-dust sweeping and reduced fine particulate emissions with DustStop (variants Scrubmaster B400 RH and B400 RM)
  • Maximized battery capacity provided by the optional battery changing system
  • AGR-certified, ergonomic workplace with a height-adjustable steering wheel ensures back-friendly working
  • Individually configurable with numerous optional extras and tools

Up the aisle, back down the aisle – done!

The Scrubmaster B400 R is extremely compact and enables complete U-turns in aisles as small as 230 cm. And our 155-cm-working-width variant is a real timesaver when it comes to cleaning aisles of up to 3 meters: One pass up and back down the aisle is sufficient to provide excellent cleaning results.

Extended application options with hako's quick-connect system

Where coarse dirt or light debris accumulates in addition to dust and dirt, or for areas that require pre-cleaning, the quick-connect system (option) provides uncomplicated upgrading of the Scrubmaster B400 R with additional tools.

1. Tool Pre-sweep unit “Broom”
2. Tool Pre-sweep unit “Mop”
3. Tool Light-debris collector
4. Tool quick-connect system

Three variants – countless possibilities

The Scrubmaster B400 R Series comprises three variants: the vacuum sweeper and scrubber-drier combi machine Scrubmaster B400 RH with a high dump, the vacuum sweeper and scrubber-drier combi machine Scrubmaster B400 RM for manual emptying, and the scrubber-drier Scrubmaster B400 R.

Scrubmaster B400 RM at a glance

Scrubmaster B400 R B400 R/RM/RH 1230 B400 R/RM/RH 1550
Working width scrubbing (cm) 123 155
Squeegee width (cm) 136 166
Theoretical area performance (m²/h) 11000 14000
Max. climbing capacity/in cleaning mode without/with X-AC (%) 6 / 15 6 / 15
Working speed (km/h) 9 9
Brush system/number of brushes disc/3 disc/3
Brush contact pressure (kg) 55-75-95 80-110-140
Solution and recovery tank capacity (l) 400 400
Dirt hopper capacity (gross)* (l) 2 x 44 2 x 44
Take-it-Easy high dump** 150 150
Nominal voltage (Volt) 36 36
Total output (kW) 14.7 16
Battery capacity max. (Ah) 540/810 540/810
Width without/with the squeegee (cm) 130 / 136 160 / 166
Length with squeegee R/RM/RH (cm) 202 / 281 / 281 202 / 281 / 281
Height without/with overhead guard (cm) 150 / 212 150 / 212
Weight, ready to use, without driver (kg) 2110 / 2260 / 2420 2130 / 2280 / 2440
Noise level at the driver’s ear R/RM/RH dB(A) 68 / 74 / 74 68 / 74 / 74