Sweepmaster 1200 RH

Ride-on vacuum sweeper for large industrial areas

116 or 147 cm working width Sweeping performance: up to 10,300 m²/h Long operating times


Provides excellent performance and economic efficiency in the field of industrial floor cleaning: the Sweepmaster 1200 RH. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology “made in Germany”, this ride-on vacuum sweeper provides a cleaning performance of up to 10,300 m²/h and is ideally suited for sweeping production halls, empty floor spaces or paved outdoor areas in a fast and particularly efficient manner. Thanks to its high climbing ability, this machine always has sufficient power reserves for cleaning multi-storey car parks and access ramps.

  • 1. You can choose between low-consumption petrol-, LPG-, diesel- or battery-powered drive systems
  • 2. Provides optimal utilisation of machinery and staff capacities: up to ten hours of running times with combustion engines or up to five hours with a battery-powered drive system
  • 3. Long, uninterrupted working thanks to efficient filter systems and large dirt hoppers
  • 4. Easy access to all components: the operating panel folds up easily and without the need for tools
  • 5. Highest possible machine availability thanks to the robust chassis

Total flexibility for demanding in- and outdoor applications

The Sweepmaster 1200 RH is equipped with the same features and functions as its bigger brother, the Sweepmaster 1500 RH, with the difference that it is operated manually through easy-to-understand levers and switches. Equipped with a wide range of benefits, this ride-on vacuum sweeper provides optimal utilisation of machinery and staff capacities to ensure economically efficient cleaning of industrial floors. You can choose between petrol-, LPG-, diesel- or battery-powered drive systems for demanding in- and outdoor applications with operating times of up to ten hours (combustion engine) or up to five hours (battery).

Durable reliability – economically efficient operation

The outer frame of the Sweepmaster 1200 RH is made of solid steel, so, in contrast to other materials, it can take a knock or two. The frame, along with all other painted steel components of the machine, is given a two-layer corrosion protection treatment and therefore meets even the highest quality standards. Efficient filter systems and large dirt hoppers ensure long and uninterrupted working.

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


Easy operation: The workplace is equipped with ergonomic operating elements and allows a good view onto the working area in front of the machine. The clear operating concept provides increased safety and requires very little operator training.


Convenient sweeping cylinders: Tool-free changing of the sweeping cylinder, and protection against wrapping to prevent bearing damage when sweeping up plastic films and straps.


Clean exhaust air and long operating times: Cassette filter system with a large filter surface and Hako’s patented R²S filter-cleaning technology.


Wear compensation made easy: The main sweeping cylinder can be adjusted by means of the Automatic-Hopper-Broom-Adjustment system for a perfect sweeping pattern throughout the entire life cycle of the cylinder. 


Hydraulic dirt hopper lifting system: The dirt hopper can filled to 100% and allows high dumping at heights of up to 142 cm.


Rapid service: Easy-to-access technology minimises downtimes.

Sweepmaster 1200 RH at a glance

Sweepmaster P1200 RH D1200 RH B1200 RH
Working width with 1 side brush (2 SB)cm 116 (147) 116 (147) 116 (147)
Theoretical area performance with 1 SB, main sweeping cylinderm²/h 10400 10400 9300
Working speedkm/h 9 9 8
Dirt hopper capacityl 130 130 130
Total outputkW 4.3
Nominal voltageV 24
Battery capacity max.Ah 420
Lengthcm 199.8 199.8 199.8
Widthcm 114.2 114.2 114.2
Height above the seat(operating handle)cm 152 (199.9) 152 (199.9) 152 (199.9)
Weight, ready to use (incl. battery)kg 763 784 920 – 1100