Sweepmaster 650

Walk-behind vacuum sweeper for small to medium-sized areas

70.5 cm working width – Sweeping performance: up to 3,525 m²/h- Extremely manoeuvrable & efficient


With a cleaning performance of up to 2,600 m²/h – or even up to 3,525 m²/h when equipped with a side broom – the vacuum sweeper Sweepmaster 650 provides superior cleaning results on hard floors and carpets. This machine works by applying the clever overhead throwing principle which ensures maximum filling of the dirt hopper to provide both uninterrupted working and excellent sweeping results. The robust, heavy-duty steel frame design makes this Sweepmaster a genuine professional – for impeccably clean floors at all times.

  • Take-it-Easy dirt hopper system.
  • Maintenance-free battery-powered drive system for indoor use.
  • Low-consumption petrol engine for outdoor use.
  • Cleaning right up to edges.
  • Optional Carpet-Kit available.

Take-it-Easy: Dirt hopper system integrated in the handle bar

Particularly comfortable : The Take-it-Easy dirt hopper system of our Sweepmaster 650 enables easy emptying.

  • The pivoting handle bar provides easy opening.
  • The dirt hopper can be removed with ease.
  • Coarse pieces of debris can be thrown into the hopper manually.


The filter : shake and clean

The filter shaker allows easy cleaning during operation to provide consistently good cleaning results. When the day’s cleaning job is over, the filter can be accessed easily and from the clean side to allow uncomplicated and thorough filter-cleaning.

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


Particularly large: corrosion-proof dirt hopper that can be filled to capacity. Capacity: 40 litres.


Maintenance-free battery-powered drive system: The on-board charger allows charging at any power outlet.


Petrol engine for outdoor use: low-consumption and low-noise industrial engine.


Cleaning close to edges; widely overlapping side broom provides easy working in curves.


Optional: Carpet-Kit turns the Sweepmaster 650 into a gentle yet thoroughly efficient carpet-cleaning device.


Optional: Carpet-Kit turns the Sweepmaster 650 into a gentle yet thoroughly efficient carpet-cleaning device.

Sweepmaster 650 at a glance

Sweepmaster P650 B650
Working width with 1 side brush (2 SB)cm 70.5 70.5
Theoretical area performance with 1 SB, main sweeping cylinderm²/h 3525 3525
Working speedkm/h 5 5
Dirt hopper capacity l 35 35
Total outputkW 0.75
Nominal voltageV 12
Battery capacity max.Ah 76
Lengthcm 120 120
Widthcm 68.5 68.5
Height above the seat (operating handle)cm 71.5-100 71.5-100
Weight, ready to use (incl. battery) kg 122