Sweepmaster 980 R/RH

Ride-on vacuum sweeper for medium-sized industrial floors

95 or 120 cm working width Sweeping performance: up to 7,200 m²/h Dirt hopper high dump


High levels of economic efficiency, first-class comfort: When compared with the Sweepmaster 900 R, the Sweepmaster 980 R/RH offers even more features and individual extras. Even more powerful drive systems as well as an automated filter-cleaning system and many practical, optional extras extend the machine’s range of applications. Comfort seats, flashing beacons, a vacuum cleaner (battery-powered version) or an overhead guard are available for individual configuration. This ride-on vacuum sweeper is particularly manoeuvrable and provides a high sweeping performance of up to 7,200 m²/h, which makes it ideal for cleaning medium-sized areas.

  • 1. Efficient sweeping close to edges with up to four side brooms
  • 2. Clean exhaust air thanks to a separation efficiency of over 99% and Hako’s patented R²S filter-cleaning technology
  • 3. Heavy-duty design for tough continuous operation
  • 4. Automatic-Hopper-Broom-Adjustment system ensures safe handling by any operator
  • 5. Electric drive system, powerful combustion engine or LPG system

Battery, petrol or LPG: excellent drive systems optimised for in- and outdoor use

With our ride-on vacuum sweeper Sweepmaster 980 R/RH, you can choose between emission-free electric drives with different battery systems for indoor use (Sweepmaster B980 R/RH) and powerful yet smooth-running petrol engines for demanding outdoor applications (Sweepmaster P980 R/RH). In addition, the Sweepmaster 980 R/RH can be equipped with an LPG system. This machine can work for up to 4.5 hours without interruption and has a climbing ability of up to 16%, depending on the model. This ensures sufficient power reserves for cleaning access ramps and driveways, e.g. in multi-storey car parks.

Brilliant results

The 90-degree steering angle ensures that this machine is extremely manoeuvrable. The Sweepmaster 980 R/RH can be equipped with up to four side brooms to ensure efficient sweeping close to edges. The brooms do the groundwork for the large sweeping cylinder, which then collects the dirt and deposits it into the dirt hopper. The powerful suction fan ensures constantly clean exhaust air – thanks to both the plate filter providing a separation efficiency of over 99% and Hako’s patented R²S filter-cleaning technology.

Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


Take-it-Easy: The two dirt hoppers can be removed separately and emptied with ease. The hopper lifting system is particularly easy to operate and allows checking the filling level or throwing coarse pieces of debris into the hoppers at any time.


Comfortable high dump: At the push of a button, the dirt hopper can be emptied directly into any customary waste container (option). 


Safe working: This machine ensures both safe working and stopping on access ramps at any time. Climbing ability, depending on the model: up to 16%.


Manoeuvrability: Small turning circle even in particularly confined areas – thanks to the 90-degree steering angle.


Up to four side brooms: Additional side brooms are available for increased efficiency and even better sweeping results.


Easy changing of the cylinder: Changing the sweeping cylinder is particularly easy; no tools needed.


Adjusting the brooms: Central adjustment of the brooms; no tools needed. 


Filter: Easy-to-access electric R²S filter shaker system.

Sweepmaster 980 R/RH at a glance

Sweepmaster P980 R B980 R P980 RH B980 RH
Working width with 1 side brush (2 SB)cm 95 (120) 95 (120) 95 (120) 95 (120)
Theoretical area performance with 1 SB, main sweeping cylinderm²/h 5800 5800 5800 5800
Working speedkm/h 6 6 6 6
Dirt hopper capacityl 60 60 70 70
Total outputkW 2 2
Nominal voltageV 24 24
Battery capacity max.Ah 240 240
Lengthcm 150 150 150 150
Widthcm 100 100 100 100
Height above the seat(operating handle)cm 133 (200) 133 (200) 133 (200) 133 (200)
Weight, ready to use (incl. battery)kg 380-410 520-600 410-480 550-620