Sweepmaster B800 R

Ride-on vacuum sweeper for small to medium-sized areas

89 or 110 cm working width – High sweeping performance of up to 6,600 m²/h – Robust steel-frame design


Performance redefined: The Sweepmaster B800 R combines the compact dimensions of a walk-behind vacuum sweeper with the high levels of comfort and efficiency offered by a ride-on machine. With its superior sweeping performance of up to 5,340 m²/h or 6,660 m²/h, this Sweepmaster efficiently cleans small to medium-sized areas – economically and without whirling up dust.

  • 1. Solid and robust design
  • 2. Excellent sweeping results
  • 3. Overhead throwing principle for maximum filling of the dirt hopper
  • 4. Superior vacuum power and filter-cleaning performance
  • 5. Long battery runtime and integrated charger
  • 6. IntelliFlap coarse dirt flap

Efficient and cost-effective – a professional machine in every detail

  • The Sweepmaster B800 R works by applying the overhead throwing principle, which ensures maximum filling of the dirt hopper – and therefore provides long operating times as well as excellent sweeping results at any time.
  • The filter shaker allows easy cleaning of the filter during operation to provide consistently good cleaning results. When the day’s cleaning job is over, the filter can be accessed easily and from the clean side to allow uncomplicated filter-cleaning.
  • The robust, heavy-duty steel frame design makes the Sweepmaster B800R a professional machine that ensures both excellent cleaning results and economically efficient working in the long term.


Special features

Designed with much attention to detail


Particularly comfortable: The Take-it-Easy dirt hopper system of our Sweepmaster B800R allows easy removal of the two dirt hoppers. Coarse pieces of debris can be thrown into the hoppers manually. The two separate hoppers ensure optimal weight distribution and provide easy emptying. 


Wear compensation made easy: The main sweeping cylinder can be adjusted by means of the Automatic-Hopper-Broom-Adjustment system for a perfect sweeping pattern throughout the entire life cycle of the cylinder.


Clean exhaust air and long operating times: Cassette filter system with a large filter surface and Hako’s patented R2S filter-cleaning technology.

Sweepmaster B800 R at a glance

Sweepmaster B800R
Working width with 1 side brush (2 SB)cm 89 (110)
Theoretical area performance with 1 SB, main sweeping cylinderm²/h 5340
Working speedkm/h 6
Dirt hopper capacityl 50
Total outputkW 0.75
Nominal voltageV 24
Battery capacity, max.Ah 105
Lengthcm 128
Widthcm 90.8(99.8)
Hight above the seat (operating handle)cm 124
Weight, filled, incl. Batterykg 282